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We are a technology company applying computer vision to define the future of trusted movement.

The addition of this technology at Eglin AFB will add a layer of security that humans just can’t do. Touchless entry expedites access to Eglin AFB and reduces traffic congestion.

96th Security Forces Squadron at Eglin AFB

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Pangiam Technologies

Businesses and their customers deserve a faster, more secure authentication experience. Industry-leading enterprises who seek to gain operational and competitive advantages enabled by computer vision technology call on Pangiam to guide their implementation. Our domain expertise and top-ranked NIST facial recognition technology enable us to deliver results quickly where others can't. From developer tools powering time and attendance apps to complete managed airport services, our technology empowers our clients to provide the modern authentication experience their guests and employees demand.

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We're bringing biometrics to government to make our nation's most important environments more secure. The Government team delivers advanced technology to agency operators at mission tempo, providing results in a fraction of the time. We're experts in facial recognition deployment, machine learning, data analytics, cloud native development, and DevSecOps for large government agencies. This is the team that implemented Global Entry for US Customs and Border Protection, so we know what it takes to deliver enterprise systems that augment the movement of people.

Deploy Intelligent Authentication


Pangiam Strategic Consulting provides comprehensive solutions to clients who seek guidance in implementing cutting edge technology. We draw on decades of private and public experience, in-house software and tech scouting capabilities to deliver end-to-end service enabling clients to improve the movement of people and goods in their unique environments.

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A team of customs and national security professionals with over 50 years of collective experience at senior levels of the U.S. Government, PRE built a network of industry partners to revolutionize the future of border security and aviation by merging cutting-edge technology with operational and policy expertise.

Linkware challenges the status quo of government IT by delivering disruptive technologies, talent, and business models to agencies in order to achieve mission goals faster.


A cost effective, scalable facial recognition access system. Veriscan delivers a fast, secure, seamless boarding experience for airports and airlines by biometrically verifying the identity of travelers.

A leader in computer vision and facial recognition, Trueface tops NIST leaderboards and has enhanced security and user experience with biometrics in several industries since 2017.


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