Project DARTMOUTH represents one of the largest and most unprecedented opportunities to transform aviation security screening at airports.

Pangiam uses state of the art AI algorithms to automate cabin baggage screening at the airport.

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How it works

Bringing AI to the Edge

Using state of the art Edge computing, Pangiam will provide you with the power of Google Cloud’s AI and ML at the frontline. Cloud-trained AI models run at the Edge to increase the speed of threat detection, remove concerns around network latency and offer the resilience of being able to operate cloud-level computation even when a network is disconnected.

Our focus on threat

Pangiam’s technologies are futureproofed to protect you from both today’s threats and, for the first time, the threats of tomorrow. By using specialized algorithms to analyse data and patterns within that data, our systems can replicate an element of human intuition to be able to detect items which, to a human, would just not look right.

Aggregated Threat Detection (ATD)

ATD helps detect coordinated threats spread across bags, lanes and checkpoints - for example disassembled weapons. This includes integration into a wider national protective security capability that can alert you to nationally coordinated threats. This is made possible through Pangiam’s platform which is built to interoperate with data from any OEM anywhere using its easy-to-use API-based approach.


We are delighted to collaborate with Pangiam on this ground-breaking initiative to protect AGS’s network of passengers and customers. The power of artificial intelligence is boundless, and we look forward to improving the aviation industry at large.

Mark Palmer
Head of EMEA Public Sector, Google Cloud

Google Cloud and Pangiam are world leaders in the artificial intelligence field, and we are pleased to be working in collaboration with both organizations on a cutting-edge project that could have a transformative effect on the security of our passengers and people.

Mark Johnston
Chief Operating Officer of AGS Airports Ltd

Key Benefits

Enhancing Security

Using advanced AI and ML techniques, we can look for more than just prohibited items on a list. By replicating “human intuition” we look for items that just don’t look right. Our Aggregated Threat Detection (ATD) software provides new capabilities to look for complex or coordinated attempts to breach security.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Today airport security operations are expensive, busy and resource intensive. The linear correlation between screen readers and bags to be screened makes scaling hard. Automated threat detection software will relieve the burden on security officers, freeing them up to focus on high priority areas such as the examination of baggage alerts or customer engagement activities. This in turn will free up valuable real estate for the airport.

Improved Passenger Experiences

For us, this is not about just building a security algorithm that is 10% better than today. Our leading National Security, AI and ML capabilities will provide consistency for passengers and pave the way for  a 10x change - completely transforming how security is delivered to improve the travelers’ experience.

Augment airport baggage screening with AI.