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There's a faster way to establish trust.

Intelligent authentication enables high volumes of travelers to be processed at speed, helping them get to what matters most more quickly. Improve traveler satisfaction by providing a consistent, personalized journey.

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Seamless Journey

Pangiam technology enables frictionless curb-to-gate passenger experiences

Deploy biometrics at bag check, security, concessions and boarding.

A single integrated data platform that enables personalized experiences.

Transform airport operations with open architecture technology that reduces Opex

Access Control


Connected to over 40 departure systems including TSA and CBP.

Touchless process boards aircrafts in half the time.

Integrate with airport management systems via proprietary backend connections.

Virtual Queuing

Provide a predictable passenger journey

Enhanced traveler flow forecasting.

Shave peaks and balance loads with traveler behavior nudges.

Increase non-aeronotical revenue (64% of a pilot group said they spent their saved time shopping or dining in the terminal).

Predictability provided to travelers improves their overall satisfaction.

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US Border & security inspections are conducted abroad, allowing passengers to land as a domestic arrival in the US​

Enable US Border inspections at your port of departure to capture higher share of US-bound travel. (Only 16% of US-bound air travelers are currently processed via Preclearance.)

Open more connection opportunities from your port of departure. Travelers proceed directly to gate at US arrival, improving flow and traveler experience.

Rely on Pangiam's extensive government and airport expertise to navigate the process of Preclearance negotiations.

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