Give Your
Travelers Control

with Virtual Queuing

Virtual Queuing (VQ) enables predictability for airport operators as well as passengers.

Shave load peaks and balance checkpoint usage across the airport with previously unavailable traveler data.

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How it works

1. Select A Time

Travelers are prompted to choose a time slot to be screened by security prior to their departure.


An email is sent to the traveler confirming their selected time slot.

3. Skip the Line

Travelers arrive at their designated time, scan their QR code, and proceed directly to screening. In the future, biometrics can also grant access to screening.

Deploy VQ for:

Bag Drop
Check in
Security Checkpoint

In use At:

Spot Saver
Fast Lane
Terminal A VirtualLine
Get on Board
saved time
With Virtual Queuing
These are the innovations and ideas that we love to make our guest experiences more convenient and stress-free, especially as more people get back flying again. With very little effort, guests can lean on technology to get them through the security process quicker.

Charu Jain
Alaska Airlines SVP of Merchandising and Innovation

At LAX, we are helping our guests control their journey from their own device, and this new pilot program leverages technology to provide passengers with a scheduled time to be at the TSA checkpoints.

Justin Erbacci
CEO Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA)

At United, we’re constantly looking at new offerings for our customers to make navigating travel easier and we expect this to be a useful way to save time for customers... We look forward to making the travel experience with United a breeze.

Jonna McGrath
Managing Director of Los Angeles International Airport for United.

Touchless solutions reduce stress for those traveling today, but are the kind of innovations that will make the airport safer and more efficient for years to come. We appreciate the partnership of passengers and airlines to help test these programs for the benefit of our community.

Sam Cho
Port of Seattle Commissioner

Key Benefits

Enhanced traveler flow forecasting

Shave peaks and balance loads with traveler behavior nudges

Increase non-aeronotical revenue

64% of a pilot group said they spent their saved time shopping or dining in the terminal.

Predicatibilty provided to travelers improves their overall satisfaction

Modernize the traveler journey with VQ.